We help turn your ideas into a successful sustainable products

The core of what we do is Sustainable Product Design and Development. We help turn your great idea into a successful product, from concept to completion uncovering opportunities for circular design. Kaora Design Studio works alongside you and steer you in the right direction, at any stage of your journey.

01. Decide

We put ourselves in their shoes and analyze their idea, from which we create a viable concept that can be implemented.

At the same time we do a search to find the different options. Especially the sensations and the final usability of the product. Since it must finally be liked and valued by the end user.

At the embryonic moment of the project we begin to consider the different ways to make the product and its production in a sustainable or proactive way with the environment.

02. Design

Once the concept to be developed has been created, we carry out the product design. Teamwork with our clients is intensified thanks to the improvements that can be made from the experience of both parties.

At a time when the design is quite advanced, we do different structural analysis and simulation of work situations to check the viability and strength of the model.

Logically, design involves many departments within a company and for this reason we are always open to listening to implement improvements to the small setbacks that may exist in the production chain to reach the end customer.

03. Develop

The implementation phase of the design to bring it to reality. It is an exciting phase that leads to the creation of the designs of the tools and different elements that are required to be able to produce the designed product.

The implementation phase to bring your design to reality. It is an exciting phase that leads to the creation of the tools and the elements required to be able to produce the your product.

This can lead to:
– plastic injection molds.
– stamping matrices.
– CADCAM batch production.
– 3D printing small batch.

We always look for the best proposal the most sustainable and economic production possible, helping our customers in their day-to-day life.

04. Make

Once the previous phases of the project have been completed, we can assist our clients in finding and creating contacts with quality companies with production capacity to supply the final product.

These companies in the sector can be in the manufacture of plastic injection parts, dies, packaging, among others.

Business model canvas
Strategy meeting