What is Kaora?

Simple & Memorable Is The Motto We Live By

We see design potential in everything around us, and we get a huge thrill from creating products that result in a positive impact on the people, buiness and environments.

Our award-winning team of product design and engineering experts are passionate about what we do.  We keep our client and partner collaboration transparent, ensuring a seamless process from idea to manufacture.

Meet the team


Jaume Bruach

Jaume Bruach

Founder - Product Design Engineer

I love nature, and I love learning from the environment. That’s why I always approach my designs from a broad perspective.. The needs of our customers are paramount, but at the same time we develop possible strategies to reuse, repair and recycle the product created at the end of its useful life.
Before co-founding Kaora Design I was co-founder of Bruach Manutenció, SL and founder of Big Box Palet, SA. I know first hand the hopes, frustrations and joys of the entrepreneur and the long journey between the idea that motivates the change to the final product.
All this experience and knowledge enables me to advise and improve the projects in which I participate both in the design section and possible improvements in the business model of our clients.
Enviromental compliance tester


Enviromental compliance tester

Zazú is our resident nature advorcate, making sure we are constantly aware of our need to protect as well as enjoy our environment.
Stephan Seifert

Stephan Seifert

Founder - Industrial Designer

I am passionate about innovation and design and thrive on solving problems to create successful products.

Before co-founding Kaora Design I have actively collaborated with international brands and design studios that are leaders in their sectors, such as These include: P&G, IDEO, TGV, Carpyen, LAKEN, PLAY, Fuelfor, Minairons, Thelos amongst others.

I provide creative user focused solutions through a comprehensive understanding of the product development cycle and manufacturing process. Being equally as passionate about furniture and lighting as I am about toys and bicycling, I design objects that I myself want to use, want to live with.

We Build Good.
All Day, Everyday … by Process

Stage 1.

01. Discover

In every project our goal is to understand as much about the ecosystem that a product is going into. Human technical Business and enviromental considerations are investigated and understood in this stage

Stage 2.

02. Design

Once the scenario that a product has to work in is understood we develop differet solutions to find the best fit for our client. Prototyping and testing our ideas as close to the real world as possible.

Stage 3.

03. Develop

At this stage we have a well defined and tested concept, that we now finish developping for production. Our engineers are part of the process from the beginning so that they are now able to translate our vision to deliver you turnkey solutions that you can start rolling out as soon as possible.

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