The Challenge


In 2006, only in Spain, approximately 30 million pallets were used to transport goods. The vast majority of which were disposable.

Seeing this waste of resources and that no value was given to a vital logistics product such as a pallet (platform on which the rest of the goods are placed), Big Box Pallet wanted to differentiate themselves from other companies in the sector by producing a pallet with a long service life, which could be recyclable and manufactured from recycled materials.

The outcome

In partnership with Big Box Palet, SA , we used extensive finite element analysis to design and develop a range of pallets Euro G10, Euro S10, Euro G20 and Euro S20,  international sizes 120x100x14.5 cm and 120x80x14.5 cm. The project differentiates bitself from the competion by:

  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Nestable pallets. Reducing by a third the cost of collection and storage.
  • Reducing the weight of the pallet to 6.75 kg compared to 18-25 kg of the competitors
  • Reducing the weight of the pallet means we more goods can be carried per truck or container.
  • Recyclable, especially looking for zero waste from our customers, the market niche is focused on those companies that were dedicated to the transformation of plastic.

ReUsable Europalet for agroindustry


Big Box Palet, S.A.

What We Did

Porduct Design, Product Engineering, Manufacturing

Pallets are one of our main means of transporting goods from A to B (and C) yet generally, they are badly designed, wasteful both in weight and material, and are for the most part not designed to be reused or recycled.

Big Box Pallets came to us with the challenge to help them design and develop a pallet thats:

  • lightweight yet strong
  • can be stacked when not in use
  • can be manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials

Using extensive finite element analysis, we developed a pallet that would not just be lightweight, but also so strong it exceeds most heavier pallets in the amount of weight it can carry.

We also designed it to be weatherproof and stackable, to reduce space when not in use

We developed the moulds and toolings for Big Box Pallet, giving them the whole turnkey project